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Taiwan leader shows she is out of touch with reality

2022-10-01 Seizure of Mosul far from final triumph over terrorism Heritage sites at risk from over exploitation Better world economy needs concerted cooperation It is unwise for Washington to play the Taiwan card Guangdong moves to ensure steady power supply Taiwan leader shows she is out of touch with reality Examining the world’s civilizations Law has to seek truth in US kidnap case Xi's pledge of full support will help build better Hong Kong Party rides on dynamism to realize Chinese Dream China-Thailand rail deal will also benefit region US destroyer's intrusion into Chinese waters unacceptable India should not expect China to compromise China's culture sector, related businesses grow 8.2 percent year-on-year in 2018 'Last kilometer' service still issue in delivery industry Guizhou hybrid rice yield sets new record Couplets exhibition celebrates Lunar New Year China-Germany ties a model for cooperation India should respect border agreement, withdraw troops
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